AJAX MOTIONCAM (PHoD) - Motion detector with a photo camera (Works only with Hub2 or Hub 2 Plus)


Color: White


Motion detector with a photo camera to verify alarms

  • Sends an animated series of images if triggered
  • Sees in the dark
  • Operates up to 3 years on the pre-installed batteries
  • Operates on a distance of up to 1700 m from the hub
Note: MotionCam detectors require Hub 2 or Hub 2 Plus for operation

Reveals what’s happening

With the MotionCam, you see what triggered an alarm. The detector spots people’s motion within a 12-meter range and takes a series of photos.
In contrast with the video surveillance systems, MotionCam wireless detectors take minutes to install, are independent of Wi-Fi, and continue to operate smoothly even during a blackout.




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