Ajax uartBridge - module for integration with third-party wireless security and smart home systems. A wireless network of smart and secure Ajax detectors can be added to a third-party security or smart home system through the UART interface.

Maximum performance:
Jeweller wireless technology allows for expanding the network of detectors up to 2,000 meters away in open space or across several floors of a business center. Has a system capacity of up to 85 devices.

Protection from intruders and failure:
Uses authentication to protect against fraud. Jamming detection, frequency-hopping. Uses an encrypted connection.

Effortless operation:
Simple professional-level installation:
Connects through the UART interface.

Technical specification:
Communication interface with central unit: UART (speed 57,600 Bd)
Use: Indoor
Radio signal power: 25 mW
Communication protocol: Jeweller (868.0-868.6 MHz)
Maximum distance between a wireless detector and uartBridge receiver: Up to 2,000 m (6,552 ft) (in open area)
Maximum number of connected devices: 85
Detection of jamming: Yes
Software update: Yes
Detector performance monitoring: Yes
Power supply voltage: DC 5 V (from the UART interface)
Operating temperature range: From -20°C (-4°F) to +50°C (+140°F)
Operating humidity: Up to 90%
Dimensions: 64x55x13 mm (2.51x2.16x0.51 in) (without antennas); 110x58x13 mm (4.33x2.28x0.51 in) (with antennas).

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